2017 photos

Three amazing days spent at Mile High Pines camp where we crowned 13 winners and made many more memories.

All photos taken by Rock Gallego @justbreaklife 

Weekend In the Woods Welcoming-91.jpg

Day 1

First day of the retreat; we made the trek up to camp Mile High Pines. Campers are trickling in and everyone is meeting their cabinmates and counselors for the next 2 days. An epic session of peace sticks lead by non other than Joshua "FLOW" Grove and tons of mini games. 

Prelims Day Campfire-2.jpg

Day 2

Hyped parent battles and merch tables are open, not to mention all the film time to lace. Competitions get underway as we find out who is competing in finals on day 3 for beginner, intermediate, open/pro and 7 to spike. Dama history is being made. Oh, and smores.

Final Day-10.jpg

Day 3

We pack our bags and head to the outdoor stage where we crown our first ever Weekend in the Woods winners. Counselors present a special award now known as the "Selfless Award" to Ralph Inzunza Jr. We say our goodbyes and look forward to next year